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Citrus Juices


 (Citrus Bergamia)

Structure: similar to an orange in shape but yellow-green, thin skin and rich in essential oils, its organoleptic features are unique.

Properties: cholesterol and glucose lowering, vitaminizing and also antioxidant thanks to a high content of flavonoids.

Harvest time: from November to March.

Citrus Juices


(Citrus Lemon) 

Structure: oval citrus fruit with yellow, more or less thin and wrinkled skin, rich in essential oils, pulp with a characteristic sour taste because of a high content of citric acid.

Properties: very rich in vitamin C, it has antioxidant properties and strengthens the immune system, it also has a depurative action for the organism and it’s a natural antibacterial agent.

Harvest time: available in all seasons.

Citrus Juices


(Citrus Sinensis) 

Structure: round fruit with rough and brightly coloured peel, pulp divided into segments, blond or pigmented by anthocyanins.

Properties: hypocaloric but rich in vitamins (A, C, B1 and B2), fibre and minerals, with excellent antioxidant properties, it strengthens the immune system and activates the metabolism.

Harvest time: from November to May.

Citrus Juices


(Citrus Reticulata) 

Structure: so fragrant, spherical shape with slightly flattened poles, juicy pulp and well divided into segments, orange coloured peel.

Properties: it’s one of the three original citrus fruits but it’s the only sweet one, in fact it’s one of the sweetest – and so, one of the most caloric too – fruits in nature, it has a high content of minerals and vitamin C like the other citrus fruits.

Harvest time: from September to March, depending on the variety.

Citrus Juices


(Citrus x Paradisi) 

Structure: rounded with a thin and smooth yellowish or pink skin, it can reach 2 kg, diameter of 10-15 cm, pulp divided into wedges and juicy with a bitter taste.

Properties: rich in vitamin C, minerals and fiber, notable the presence of potassium and naringin, it has digestive, anti-inflammatory and anticancer properties. It helps lose weight thanks to its draining and insulin resistance reduction action.

Harvest time: from October to May.

Citrus Juices


(Citrus Aurantiifolia)

Structure: similar but smaller than lemon, very thin peel, usually harvested when it’s still green, its pulp is very juicy, fragrant, bitter and seedless.

Properties: it has less vitamin C but twice vitamin A than lemon, it’s a natural gastric antacid and also a valid ally for skin care.

Harvest time: from July to October, it needs a tropical climate.

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